Round Rock McNeil Bridge Bats


Round Rock. Nearly half a million bats emerge from a spot close to the intersection of IH-35 and McNeil. Head to 601 North Interstate 35 Frontage Road in Round Rock with your blankets and something to cover you in case of any guano falling from the sky. Free parking is located nearby.


Round Rock has its own seasonal bat colony. Like Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge, the McNeil bridge on I-35 in Round Rock is home to several hundred thousand bats. While this colony isn’t as large as the one in Austin, it’s still large enough to be a spectacular sight from Spring through Fall every year. If you drive past here on I-35 at sundown, you can’t help but notice the ribbon/smoke like trail of bats flying from underneath the bridge. They usually fly towards the east away from the setting sun.


Tips to see the Bats in Round Rock

  • Best seen at dusk, March thru November
  • Park in the Napa Auto Parts Store parking lot (I called to verify and the store would prefer that you come after business hours to park in their lot, which is 7 PM.)
  • Bring blankets or chairs to sit on the lawn of the Napa Auto Parts (They are fine with that)
  • Watch your little ones – it is still a busy intersection
  • Don’t go under the underpass to see them – respect their “home” plus you’d be in traffic